Caffeine-Free Tisanes

Organic Rooibos – Also known as Red Bush Tea, Rooibos (pronounced “roy-bus”) is a mineral-rich and highly antioxidant herbal beverage from South Africa. Naturally caffeine-free, its flavor is somewhat similar to black tea, though very low in tannins so it doesn’t turn bitter if steeped for too long. Rooibos is characteristically mild and aromatic with a slightly citric sweetness and is excellent hot or iced. This herbal tisane can also stand up to milk or sugar.
Pot: 5.50 Large Cup: 3.25/ Small: 3 Loose: 2.50/oz

Bourbon Vanilla Honeybush
– Honeybush is another “bush tea” from South Africa and is naturally caffeine-free with a sweet honey-like flavor. Also a nice source of calcium, our version is flavored with genuine Bourbon vanilla. Richly aromatic, Honeybush is a delight at any time of day, and can be enjoyed with or without milk or sugar.
Pot: 6.50     Large Cup: 3.75/ Small: 3.50 Loose: 3.25/oz

Red Berry Fruit Melange – A fruity delight, the Red Berry Fruit Melange is composed of blueberries, black currants, elder berries, grapes and hibiscus. Packed full of vitamins and an excellent choice for kids and grown-ups alike!
Pot: 6 Large Cup: 3.50/ Small: 3.25 Loose: 2.75/oz