Press & Reviews:

says: "Step through the door and you won’t want to leave. [The Random Tea Room]'s got combinations down to a T."

says: We drank a pot of, hands down, the best chai I have ever had (save the first time I ever had chai - homemade goodness in Northern Thailand.

says: " really savor the full experience - to enjoy the flavor, the scent and the ritualized aspect of drinking loose leaf tea - check out the newly opened Random Tea Room in Northern Liberties."

says: My new favorite. A relaxed yet hip atmosphere, and impeccable tea credentials. Beautiful decor and curios for sale. No food on the menu, but there may be a baked good lying around. Of course if you wanted food, you would have gone to Honey's Sit and Eat across the street first.

says: "So when I read ... about the new Random Tea Room in
Philly, which offers a wide selection of teas from around the world (and, according to PJS, also has the best chai around), I started to get a hankering for some of the liquid magic."

says: "Don’t be deceived by the decadence... Homemade masala chai is prepared every day—the spices ground by hand, and each teacup is chosen for its aesthetic compliment to the gorgeous pots presented to patrons eager for tea."

says: "Tea has been served for it’s medicinal properties in countries throughout the world for centuries. Random Tea Room brings those teas from the four corners of the globe to Fourth Street."

says: Taking the first sip of Chai was like entering a spice filled nirvana. It's made fresh daily and is loaded with ginger, brown sugar, Assam tea, vanilla, rose water and fresh ground spices. Talk about enticing the senses!

says: Great tea, friendly and helpful staff, and the rotating art installations are what keeps me coming back to this cozy tea shop. If you're overwhelmed by their selection, ask for advice, and the staff will gladly make a suggestion. Don't forget to take a few ounces of your favorite tea home - armed with their expert advice - and try your hand at brewing your own loose leaf tea!

This is a great new No Libs spot to stop. It's right by Honey's, so go enjoy brunch there and get to the Random Tea Room for Tea and cake!

says: Tip toe into the world of international teas when you order up any of their roughly 40 artisinal teas and house-blended herbal infusions.

says: And while you're at the tea room, check out the merchandise in the back--this is serious craft things--felt hats, necklaces. I had to restrain myself.

“This Northern Liberties gem has the perfect selection of teas with daily iced tea specials. Their Chai is the best I’ve ever had, and they have a nice selection of antique collectibles and gift items to look over while they prepare your beverage. I feel a bit calmer every time I walk in.”

says: It was a beautiful little shop in a building she had purchased and remodeled herself with the help of friends. The tea shop contained all kinds of cute little antiques and odds and ends, including chess set tables and very cozy chairs. She made us some fresh Chai from scratch that was literally the best Chai I've ever tasted, which we sipped in lovely dark mugs while her cute pooch watched, napped and guarded the fort.

That adorable little tea/curiosity shop on North 4th street, The Random Tea Room, has turned their operation into a multi-use space for tea drinkers, perusers and artists. Their monthly 2nd Thursday art openings are a welcome change from the crowded First Friday.

says: a cute little tea shop down the street from Honey’s (you may likely be sent there to relax if there is a long wait at the restaurant).