Scented Teas

Earl Grey Royale - The Royale is scented with extra bergamot and is comprised of only whole leaf Chinese black tea for a high-quality, intoxicating Earl Grey experience.
Pot: 6.50 Large Cup: 3.75/ Small: 3.50 Loose: 3.25/oz

Lapsang Souchong – A pine-smoked Chinese Black Tea. Despite its powerful flavor, Lapsang is lower in caffeine than other black teas.
Pot: 5.50 Large Cup: 3.25/ Small: 3 Loose: 2.75/oz

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls
- The Queen of Jasmine. Each ball or “pearl” of tea buds is individually hand-rolled! The perfect touch of only the finest Jasmine essence will send your senses reeling. An ethereal delight.
Pot: 8 Large Cup: 4.50/ Small: 4.25 Loose: 5.75/oz

Rose Congou BlackA delectable marriage of the floral and earthy. Chinese black tea leaves are infused with rose essence and decorated with rose petals resulting in a harmonious blend exhibiting flavors of tobacco, cedar and of course, rose. This blend can stand up to milk and sugar if desired.

Pot: 5.50 Large Cup: 3.25/ Small 3 Loose: 2.50/oz