Tea missions will sprinkle the city with classical Oolong ideals

This past November Ian and I performed a tea mission
(the Gung-Fu tea ceremony) at 12 Gates Gallery,
a South Asian art gallery located on 3rd and Cherry Street.
Under the impression that I would be catering an art opening,
I was caught off guard by the evening's program.
The lecture was titled "Truck Decoration, Religion and Politics".
I was slightly put off at first,
being soured by the motor-head sway our culture has leaned upon.
Luckily, Jamal Elias (the world’s foremost expert on Pakistani truck art)
had a slide show.
With a few flicks of the finger and a lengthy dialog of the
culture behind the ride,
I was hooked.

Check out these sweet rides!

I have decided that the tea room needs a tea truck and this is my inspiration.
I have visions of a highly decorated bus,
with a private roof top deck full of colorful pillows.

Just imaging driving down 4th street, you pass by Honey's and then,
what was that on the left? Why are all those people hanging out in a parked bus?

Oh Yea, that's the Random Tea Bus.
All the cool kids hang there sipping on the mate and surfin' the web.

Tea missions will sprinkle the city with classical Oolong ideals
on culture and healthy living.
Inspiration will be ladled out by the "boo" cupful
and comfort will be experienced by all.

Only problem is funding, does anyone have a spare bus to donate?