You've made it. Congratulations.

Hello World!

It is now January 1st 2010.
You've made it.
Now, I'm not one to preach,
but I do believe it is time for you to do something different.
Nothing in specific, but maybe just, ah I don't know....everything.
What am I doing differently, you ask?
Well, I've decided to start blogging.
I will blog (hopefully) at least once a day.
In doing so I plan to share my special little life of tea and randomness with you,
my dear darling world.

Now, why in the world would you want to make a habit of checking in on
the unexceptional blog of Rebecca Goldschmidt,
owner of The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop?
Mayhaps it be to find out what varietal of tea I happen to sip upon.
Or a quick visit to see what kind of "high jinks"
the tea monkeys have gotten themselves into.
Or maybe you are a web savvy tea room regular that wants to see if your pearls of conversational banter had an affect on my diatribe of the day.
Take it how you will (preferably sans cream and sugar),
the truth of the matter is:
I'm blogging for me.
I need a reason to finish all the little projects I have up in the air,
or have simply talked passionately about.
World, you are my reason and you will help me to better myself.
When I wake up early in the morning by accident,
thinking of my commitment to you will make me get out of bed early.
No more lounging about waiting for my alarm to go off and then pressing snooze at least twice.
I will walk downstairs and turn on the kettle,
listen to music, stop putting life off and simply put: do more.
I know, this all sounds like quite a commitment.
Especially if you've read up to this point.
But I think I'm ready now. It is time.