hanging upside down and getting your soul rubbed

Here we are, day 2.
Things are looking good.
What to share with you today?
The topics of tea and randomness provide me with innumerable opportunities to babble on.
Luckily, instead of pulling topics out of the air
I can share with you occurrences of real human interactions.
Like inverted table massage.
Yea, hanging upside down and getting your soul rubbed.
In case you were unaware: we do massage at the tea room.
First I prime you with tea and comfort,
then this muscle master (Matt Beck) greets you with a confirming touch to your left shoulder.
Shortly thereafter you turn into a puddle on the floor and my dog Izzy licks you up.
So, as queen tea lady I get some perks.
Like being a massage guinea pig.
Intro to massage experience, starts now.
I first felt as if I were lying in a canoe on a calm lake,
the inversion table pivots at my hip and cradles my form in a horizontal position.
Matt holds the table at this angle,
using his aware hands to apply gentle pressure to my limbs.
Fully clothed massage provides an extra layer of sensory attention
as the thumbs natural texture grabs hold to the threads of
the fabric against my skin.
Now a warm downy towel wraps my head and slowly lifts, rolling my melon to and fro.
As the table gracefully glides to an almost vertical angle my taught legs are guided with a comforting embrace as my body fully accepts this new position.
I am upside down.
Gravity and monsieur Beck's influence eventually bring my arms to rest,
first to the right side of my head, then the left.
I equate very few things to religious experiences.
Perhaps it was the way the sun shone so precisely through the bars on the window as I arose, post leg brace removal,
into a natural ohm posture
and my delicious cup of Ti Kwan Yin is handed to me.
I breath.