this cute lil' distiller

This past November I asked momma for this cute lil' distiller for my birthday.
Designed to extract essential oils for perfumery
it actually creates more of a hydrosol.
In this experiment I took the left over chai leaves,
steeped & strained them then poured into the cucurbit.The lamp below this glass cauldron heats the slurry to create an oil vapor.The steam collects then spirals down
through the center of the refrigeration chamber.
After the vapor cools it drips down into the collection cup.Below is a comparison of how much chai that was used and what was extracted.I wouldn't advise drinking this concoction.
My intention for this experiment is to use the liquid in a potpourri warmer.
Ideally one could burn this oil and make their house smell like chai
without any of the legwork.
I have some more experimenting to do yet,
but I'll let you know if I am successful.