Behold "HOT BOO"

Yesterday was so glorious,
I decided to go for a bike ride to a thrift store I'd been meaning to hit up.

I decided to stop by Penn Treaty Park on the way,
I enjoy slowly riding the loop around the park while watching all the happy
groups of people as they enjoy their natural environment.

As I pulled up to end of the park,
where the land meets the water,
I am hailed by a glorious
beacon of tea room good will!

Behold "HOT BOO", made possible with generous contributions by Penn Treaty Park, the old abandoned electric company and some daring and thoughtful graffiti artists.

"HOT BOO" is a testament to the tasty, creamy, aromatic and
unforgettable experience that just happens to be the
tea room's daily in house special
the $1 boo chai (pictured below)
If you've ever seen this sign you know what I mean!
Here is a pic of the plaid gems I picked up at Super Thrift.
What a deal a "Scotch Kooler" and a matching Thermos for $2!
Now I can't get the "I'm picking out a Thermos for you"
song from The Jerk out of my head.