Change, it's inevitable.

Change, it's inevitable.
Be it pocket jingle, physical attributes or moods, change happens.
After selling a super rad print,
I was faced with a gaping hole above the threshold of the tea fortress.
In an effort to communicate as much as possible,
I decided to upgrade the tea room and add a chalk board.
Of course, not just any old rectangular board will do,
and I couldn't spend any money.
Luckily, I'm pretty creative and have lots-o-stuff.
I cut up an old masonite drawing board,
chalk board painted it and just happened to have a rubber hand
(thanks former studio mate Ben Meister)
that I painted gold and mounted.
A few chalk scribblings later and we have artful communication.

above: before with moon by Katie Elia

There have been quite a few signage updates
in the tea room as of late mostly made by Ian.

Speaking of change......

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Sign by Staack Moore Woodworking